Pickwick Kitty

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Name: Pickwick Kitty
Residence country:   Switzerland
Dog prefix: Pickwick
Owner prefix:
Gender: Female
Date of birth:
Owner email:
Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0.0
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  • Bronze Pedigree Rosette. 7 champions in pedigree (first 4 generations)
  • Bronze Brood Bitch Rosette. 1 champion progeny. Show

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Ch, Int Ch Pickwick Pampers    Ch. Merriveen Mac Manus   
Ch. Merriveen Mac Manus
Merriveen Snowy Daze  
Merriveen Snowy Daze
Merriveen Happy Daze  
Merriveen Happy Daze
Merriveen Bess  
Merriveen Donata   Quintic Peanut  
Merriveen Ziggy  
Ch Pickwick Shiny    Pickwick Jinks   Soldier Boy Of The Regions  
Soldier Boy Of The Regions
Pickwick Chuckles  
Pickwick Quarrel Anne   Ch Crossroads Carruthers   
Ch Crossroads Carruthers
Pickwick Bonnie  
Ideal Von Cruisbrouck   Paljas Von Cruisbrouck   Portfield Superb   Vardona Frosty's Masterpiece  
Vardona Frosty's Masterpiece
Zircon Red Pixie  
Cora Havamal Athos   Fredlyns Golden Boy  
Likely Home Ulk  
Kindly Von Cruisbrouck   Ch Gold Run Of The Seven Seas   
Ch Gold Run Of The Seven Seas
Eng Ch Aldridge Advent Gold   
Eng Ch Aldridge Advent Gold
Latitude Of The Seven Seas  
Milady Von Cruisbrouck   Ch Duke Of The Edroywin House   
Ch Duke Of The Edroywin House
Prima Donna Von Cruisbrouck  
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