Gloriya (rkf)

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Name: Gloriya (rkf)
Residence country:   Russia
Dog prefix:
Owner prefix: Antropov
Gender: Female
Date of birth:
Owner email:
Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0.125
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  • Bronze Pedigree Rosette. 6 champions in pedigree (first 4 generations)

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Blenchard Richard   Betger's Martin  
Betger's Martin
Tiffany's Captain Peacock   Tiffany's Home Grown  
Tiffany's Home Grown
Brumar's I'm Rosie Too  
Tiffany's Mercey Merci   USA Ch Tiffany's Born To Boogie   
USA Ch Tiffany's Born To Boogie
Tiffany's Penellopy  
Ch Nika George (jorjy)    Chianto Boy George  
Chianto Boy George
Ocobo Lladro  
Ocobo Lladro
Lady Amy Of Chianto  
Fine Billy George Bava   Ch Happy Fine Torry   
Ch Happy Fine Torry
Adeline Mac Wey  
Infanta   Ch Maddalo Red Dragon   
Ch Maddalo Red Dragon
Hyten Heavens To Merga Troid  
Hyten Heavens To Merga Troid
Audstan Sigmund Snugglebutt At Aceeye  
Audstan Sigmund Snugglebutt At Aceeye
Hyten Hubble Bubble  
Ocobo Millie   Ch, BOY Ocobo Tully   
Ch, BOY Ocobo Tully
Butcher Pride  
Lora (rkf)   Blenchard Richard   Betger's Martin  
Betger's Martin
Ch Nika George (jorjy)   
Sherri (rkf)   not available
not available
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