Shacklefords Brindie's First

Shacklefords Brindie's First
Nom: Shacklefords Brindie's First
Pays:   USA
Affixe du chien: Shacklefords
Affixe du propriètaire:
Sexe: Male
Date de naissance: 08.09.1961
E-mail du propriètaire:
Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0.0
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  • Bronze Pedigree Rosette. 6 champions dans son pédigrée (4 générations)

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Am Ch Charmdell Lazarus    Kamel Kloy Boy   Ch Basford Ideal   
Ch Basford Ideal
Eng. Ch Basford Revival   
Eng. Ch Basford Revival
Anfield Olive  
Hefty Dewhurst Lady   not available
not available
Kamel Deep Mischief   not available not available
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not available not available
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Shacklefords Brindie   Stone-wall Coppersmith   Juneter's Ace  
Juneter's Ace
Ch Superb Of Wiggin   
Ch Superb Of Wiggin
Juneter Surprise  
Stone Wall Dinah   O´sandy´s Jiggs Ii  
O´sandy´s Jiggs Ii
Dinah Of White Hub  
Home Guard Brindie   Noways Red Prince   Ch Prince Of Woodgate   
Ch Prince Of Woodgate
Noways Victoria  
M Liss O Nilloh   Ch, Int Ch Thel's Pal Of Wiggin   
Erlan´s White Salvage Of Nilloh  
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