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Nome: Marigold
Paese di residenza:   United Kingdom
Affisso del cane: J. D. Duncan
Affisso del proprietario: Mrs. J. D. Duncan
Sesso: Femmina
Data di nascita: 14 June 1932
E-mail del proprietario:
Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0.0
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Informazioni Aggiuntive

red fawn, black muzzle

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Strumenti di analisi del pedigree

Sir Bedivere   King Uther   Eng Ch Irish Alaunt   
Eng Ch Irish Alaunt
Ch Tintagel   
Ch Tintagel
Irish Lady Sam  
Irish Lady Sam
Queenslea Girl   What's Wanted  
Peggy (1919)  
Cader Idris   The Jabberwock  
The Jabberwock
Eng Ch Irish Alaunt   
Eng Ch Irish Alaunt
Alice Thro´gh The Looking Glass  
Sweet Susie Of Welston   Sweet September  
Sweet September
Betty (1918)  
Newland Betty   Wheatfield Billy   Am Ch Dick O'the Main O'muiravonside   
Am Ch Dick O'the Main O'muiravonside
Husky Jim  
Damside Princess   not available
not available
Falcon Bly   Dark Dipper   not available
not available
Benula   Admiral Brunswick  
Moorlands Bertha  
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