Broadford Cutie Of Elmanor

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Nome: Broadford Cutie Of Elmanor
Pais:   United Kingdom
Afixo criador: Mr. And Mrs. F. Woodcock
Afixo proprietario: Mrs. D. Mather
Sexo: Femea
Data de Nascimento: 04 April 1954
Email do proprietario:
Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0.015625
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Herramientas generales

Herramientas de análisis del pedigree

Eng. Ch Samson Esquire   
Eng. Ch Samson Esquire
Samson Esquire
Golden Doubloon   Longmoor Democrat  
Longmoor Democrat
Ch, Int Ch Morovian Mainstay   
Ch, Int Ch Morovian Mainstay
Longmoor Zela  
Longmoor Gingerbread   Peter Beautiful  
Peter Beautiful
Charming Molly  
Lady Of Bolton  
Lady Of Bolton
Manderfield Midland Model   Operationel Squadron Leader  
Manderfield Masterpiece (late Bonny Brighteyes)  
Alison Of Almandine   Another Draftsman  
Proud Kurd  
Peggy Of Sunnymount   Laird Of Elmanor   Lord Of The Manor   Peter Beautiful  
Peter Beautiful
Bessie O´portmahon  
Aynesmoor Peggy   Ch, Int Ch Morovian Mainstay   
Ch, Int Ch Morovian Mainstay
Cilgwyn Dahlia  
Eng Ch Shuffleton Queen    Blythe Priority  
Blythe Priority
Blythe Perfect Model  
Blythe Pearl Maiden  
Kath-o-win   not available
not available
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