Cilgwyn Falcon

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Name: Cilgwyn Falcon
Residence country:   United Kingdom
Dog prefix: Cilgwyn
Owner prefix:
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1954
Owner email:
Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0.0234375
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Cilgwyn Kestrel   Cilgwyn Peregrine   Allithorne Rodney   Broth Of A Bhoy  
Nero's Daughter  
Cilgwyn Sunshine   Peter Beautiful  
Peter Beautiful
Ameswaite Pal O´sunshine  
Cilgwyn Cornflower   Cilgwyn Adonis   Allithorne Rodney  
Cilgwyn Sunshine  
Ch Cilgwyn Orchid   
Ch Cilgwyn Orchid
Cilgwyn Peregrine  
Cilgwyn Rose  
Dowball The Devil   Ch Dunvegan Falstone Rodney (late Falstone Rodney)   
Ch Dunvegan Falstone Rodney (late Falstone Rodney)
Allithorne Resolution  
Allithorne Resolution
Allithorne Rodney  
Mount View Susie  
Silver Ruffles   Ch Falstone Dreadnaught   
Pelton Queen  
Janet O'r Gorse   Welsh Barrister   not available
not available
Gorslas Judy   not available
not available
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