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Name: Cara
Residence country:   Lithuania
Dog prefix:
Owner prefix:
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 1990-09-18
Owner email:
Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0.015625
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Boy Gector   Chianto Boy George  
Chianto Boy George
Ocobo Lladro  
Ocobo Lladro
Ch Quintic Amos Of Ocobo   
Ch Quintic Amos Of Ocobo
Queen Boudiccas Avalon At Ocobo  
Lady Amy Of Chianto   Ch. Int. Kingrock Buster   
Ch. Int. Kingrock Buster
Merriveen Zany Daze  
Tabus Dream   Mister Jabberwock Of Sherwood Forest  
Mister Jabberwock Of Sherwood Forest
Wheatpark Rum Punch  
Coopell Intreped Lady  
Faddi   Tabus X Fingal  
Rada Of Mac Kenzi   Bob Mac Kenzi   Filipp   Tabus X Fingal  
Betta   Ch Cupis ( Sobietaka)   
Hawkshope Holly  
Jessy Of Dodi   not available not available
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