Jolly Bull Inky Ivory

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Name: Jolly Bull Inky Ivory
Residence country:   Sweeden
Dog prefix: Jolly Bull
Owner prefix:
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 31/07/1982
Owner email:
Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0.0
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  • Bronze Pedigree Rosette. 7 champions in pedigree (first 4 generations)
  • Bronze Brood Bitch Rosette. 1 champion progeny. Show

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Ch Baytor Lone Hunter    Holeyn Hell Of A Fella Of Baytor  
Holeyn Hell Of A Fella Of Baytor
Ch Baytor Zircon Solo   
Ch Baytor Zircon Solo
Mellea Hesagenie  
Mellea Hesagenie
Belinda Bella  
Holeyn Countess  
Holeyn Countess
Baytor Plough Boy  
Holeyn Duchess  
Holeyn Duchess
Apache Of Baytor   Thydeal Something Special Of Baytor   Thydeal Ye Ould Yankee Doodle  
Thydeal Ye Ould Yankee Doodle
Thydeal Victoria  
Thydeal Victoria
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Turoca Sea Breeze
Lady Bella  
Ch Groggy-goggle    Ch, Int Ch Dewrie Welsh Warrior    Ch Bryneatons Barbarian   
Ch Bryneatons Barbarian
Ch Denbrough Leander   
Ch Denbrough Leander
Bryneatons Branwen  
Dewrie White Mink   Portfield Guardsman  
Mari Linor Of Dewrie  
Ch, Int Ch Portfield Maid    not available not available
not available
not available not available
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