Wynne Of Woodcote

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Name: Wynne Of Woodcote
Residence country:   United Kingdom
Dog prefix:
Owner prefix:
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 24 July 1947
Owner email:
Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0.0
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  • Bronze Pedigree Rosette. 6 champions in pedigree (first 4 generations)
  • Bronze Brood Bitch Rosette. 1 champion progeny. Show

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Ch, Int Ch Morovian Mainstay (uk 1942)   
Ch, Int Ch Morovian Mainstay (uk 1942)
Morovian Mainstay (uk 1942)
Peter Beautiful  
Peter Beautiful
Ch Roseville Barryflash    Ch Obstinate Artist   
Roseville Bobetty  
Gingerette   Ch Obstinate Artist   
Moss Rose (uk 1932)  
Ameswaite Pal O´sunshine   Ch Basford Golden Nymph   
Ch Basford Golden Nymph
Glendene Bahram  
Glendene Bahram
Tangerine Grand Slam  
Bugler Judy   Magic Chief  
Calla Lily   Buster Storm   Morovian Masthead   Ch Sunbarry   
Ch Sunbarry
Miss Impudence (1930)  
Lowespark Duchess   Crewe So Viceregal  
Hullock Lass  
Stonlyn Snowflake   Allithorne Rodney   Broth Of A Bhoy  
Nero's Daughter  
Panfro Interlude   not available
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