Croxley Charlee

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Name: Croxley Charlee
Residence country:   Australia
Dog prefix: Folpp George (croxley)
Owner prefix: Red Gables
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 30 November 1956
Owner email:
Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0.125
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Ch Croxley Kayoe    Epsom Impregnable   Netherdene Rival  
Netherdene Rival
Falstone Sensation  
Falstone Sensation
Molly O´ Mine  
Wads Or Not   Ch, Int Ch Morovian Mainstay   
Ch, Int Ch Morovian Mainstay
Cilgwyn Dahlia  
Croxley Lasses Ii   Dromeside Arrogance   Ch Battle Hero   
Ch Battle Hero
Dromeside Destiny  
Ch Brem    Ch Rex Croxley   
Tahiti Girl  
Croxley Gyp   Dromeside Arrogance   Ch Battle Hero   
Ch Battle Hero
Georgian Sunflash  
Georgian Sunflash
Jane Squire  
Dromeside Destiny   Georgian Sunflash  
Georgian Sunflash
Buckchase Lady Mischief  
Ch Brem    Ch Rex Croxley    Ch Brigadier General   
Ch Brigadier General
Ch Miss Bridget Croxley   
Tahiti Girl   Ch Taurus (au)   
Ch Taurus (au)
Georgy (au)  
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