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Name: Zheskar
Residence country:   Ukranie
Dog prefix:
Owner prefix: Lugovoy S.
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 15 March 2000
Owner email:
Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0.0
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  • Silver Pedigree Rosette. 9 champions in pedigree (first 4 generations)

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tirer white

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Douglas´s Checkerboard Square  
Douglas´s Checkerboard Square
Douglas´s Checkerboard Square
USA Ch Shack-n-lo Chubby Checker   
USA Ch Shack-n-lo Chubby Checker
Ch Shacklefords Sugarlight    USA Ch Shack M'lou's Up N Adam   
USA Ch Shack M'lou's Up N Adam
Lowes Sweet Georgia Brown  
USA Ch Shack-n-lo Cabbage Patch    Am CH Geddings Magic Smasher   
Shacklefords Black Eye Sueen  
Douglas´s Whitney   Am CH Dixie´s Tank Of Whiskey    Lowes Whiskey River  
Cj's Dutchess Delight  
Am CH Douglas´s Sophisticated Lady    Am CH Shacklefords Shurlock   
Am CH Shacklefords Shurlock
Sally´s Stagecoach Carryover  
Baskervils Miledy Baxinda   Ch La-nan-dor's Stewart   
Ch La-nan-dor's Stewart
Brower Waylon Of La-nan-dor  
Brower Waylon Of La-nan-dor
Noelean Lover Boy  
Brower Crystal Gail  
La-nan-dor's Suzi O´ Jb Rare   Smasher Al Capp  
Smasher Al Capp
J B Rare Shortbread  
Rachel Lox   Darling Rolls Royce   Chianto Boy George  
Chianto Boy George
Happy Darling Yana  
Revanche Sherry   not available
not available
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