Delaney´s Little Duchess

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Name: Delaney´s Little Duchess
Residence country:   USA
Dog prefix:
Owner prefix:
Gender: Female
Date of birth:
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Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0.0078125
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  • Silver Pedigree Rosette. 9 champions in pedigree (first 4 generations)
  • Bronze Brood Bitch Rosette. 1 champion progeny. Show

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Ch Shacklefords Duke    Am CH Gordon´s Duke Of Newport    Am CH Shacklefords Shurlock   
Am CH Shacklefords Shurlock
Shacklefords Brindie's First  
Shacklefords Brindie's First
Dinah´s Brindle Boots  
Chuckie First Lady   AM CH Stone Wall Chuckie   
AM CH Stone Wall Chuckie
Kennebec´s First Lady  
Amelia Kate   Am CH Bill-mar´s Mr Kelley    Bill Mar´s Big Mack  
Bill-mar S Lady Rosina  
Queen Of Sheba   Y V Jimbo  
Mayford´s Mug O´luck  
Shacklefords Red Brindie   Matt S Gold-n-big Red   Ch Ashford Superb    Ch, Int Ch Thel's Pal Of Wiggin   
Noways Kola Of Ashford  
Matt´s Lucky Cameo   Am Ch Marmac's Mister Lucky   
Dinah´s Brindle Boots  
Juvelly´s Cabala Ana   Sandow Superb   Ch Ashford Superb   
Sandow Soubrette  
Lady Mardell   not available
not available
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