Freecloud Of Outdoors

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Name: Freecloud Of Outdoors
Residence country:   United Kingdom
Dog prefix:
Owner prefix:
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 19 April 1985
Owner email:
Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0.0
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  • Bronze Pedigree Rosette. 5 champions in pedigree (first 4 generations)

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Merriveen Mccloud  
Merriveen Mccloud
Merriveen Mccloud
Merriveen Snowy Daze  
Merriveen Snowy Daze
Merriveen Happy Daze  
Merriveen Happy Daze
Merriveen Son Of Satan  
Merriveen Son Of Satan
Merriveen Daisy Chain  
Merriveen Bess   Eng.Ch Beechlyn Golden Nugget Of Denbrough   
Eng.Ch Beechlyn Golden Nugget Of Denbrough
Merriveen Daisy Chain  
Merriveen Donata   Quintic Peanut   Noways Symas Sir William  
Sevenup Irresistable  
Merriveen Ziggy   Ch.Int Thydeal Golden Wonder   
Ch.Int Thydeal Golden Wonder
Madame Victoria Of Merriveen  
Little Gem Of Stowgate   Faremanor Grizzwog   Ch Brumigum Strollerboy Of The Regions   
Ch Brumigum Strollerboy Of The Regions
Twickerwick Brumel Of The Regions  
Ch Lady Luana Of Brumigum   
Ch Lady Luana Of Brumigum
Brandywell Gipsy Rose   Brandywell Matchmaker  
Brandywell Paddy's Flower  
Sealindy Stroller Girl   Gwenstan Lord Duke Of Outdoors  
Gwenstan Lord Duke Of Outdoors
Outdoors Snuffit  
Byquy Lemon Meringue Of Gwenstan  
Sydlaine Gipsy Stroller   UK Ch Outdoors Yeknoc Justice   
UK Ch Outdoors Yeknoc Justice
Sydlaine Zena  
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