Reeves Monarch

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Nome: Reeves Monarch
Paese di residenza:   United Kingdom
Affisso del cane: Fred Reeves
Affisso del proprietario: Mr. G. R. Murrell, Messrs. Sprague And Sellon
Sesso: Maschio
Data di nascita: 1889
E-mail del proprietario:
Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0.03125
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Strumenti generali

Strumenti di analisi del pedigree

British Monarch  
British Monarch
British Monarch
Monarch (1878)   Crib ( Turton's) Lamphier's  
Crib ( Turton's) Lamphier's
Duke I I ( Lamphier)  
Rush ( Lamphier's)  
Rose ( Berrie)   Sepoy  
Nell ( Bartlett)  
Venice   Slenderman ( Gordon Murray)   Sir Anthony (1873)  
Sir Anthony (1873)
Moss   Crib ( Guy's)  
Judy ( Ball's)  
Sukie   Sahib   Sepoy  
Crib ( Turton's) Lamphier's  
Crib ( Turton's) Lamphier's
Kit ( Rodger's)  
Juno (1875)   Bowler  
Bully (2)  
Hebe   Punch (1871)   Sultan (1870 Shenton's)  
Bully (2)  
Chloe (1875)   Bowler  
Bully (2)  
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