Noble Ii

Noble Ii
Nome: Noble Ii
Pais:   United Kingdom
Afixo criador: Mr.fred Bennett
Afixo proprietario: Mr.r.nichols
Sexo: Macho
Data de Nascimento: 20 August 1877
Email do proprietario:
Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0.0
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Herramientas generales

Herramientas de análisis del pedigree

Bismarck (1873)  
Bismarck (1873)
Bismarck (1873)
Bismarck (1871)   Duke (old Duke) Henshall's  
Duke (old Duke) Henshall's
Duke ( Hamilton)  
not available
Gipsy Queen ( Henshall's)   Duke ( Lamphier)  
Meg ( Old Meg) Lamphier's  
Bess (1870)   Boggie Boogie   Dan ( Page's)  
Beauty (layton's)  
not available not available
not available
Nell ( Bartlett)   King Cole (old King Cole) Berrie's  
King Cole (old King Cole) Berrie's
Dan ( The Post Worrier) Adcock's  
Dan ( The Post Worrier) Adcock's
Dan (the Penny Dog) Bailey"s  
Puss ( Adcock's)  
Lady ( Berrie's)   King George ( Henshall)  
Duchess ( Ball's)  
Wasp ( 1863 Hinks)   Lord Nelson ( Pike's)   King Dick (old King Dick) Lamphier  
King Dick (old King Dick) Lamphier
Poll ( Holland's)  
Beauty ( Hinks)   Bogey (three Part Dog)  
not available
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