Am CH Plezol´s Asher

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Name: Plezol´s Asher
Residence country:   USA
Dog prefix: Plezol´s
Owner prefix:
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 21. August 1959
Awards: Am CH
Owner email:
Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0.0234375
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  • Champion medal
  • Gold Pedigree Rosette. 18 champions in pedigree (first 4 generations)

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Am CH Bull Halla´s Leading Man    Eng Am Int CH Basford Milk-meat   
Eng Am Int CH Basford Milk-meat
Ch Prince Of Woodgate   
Ch Prince Of Woodgate
Ch Dunvegan Falstone Rodney (late Falstone Rodney)   
Ch Dunvegan Falstone Rodney (late Falstone Rodney)
Wynne Of Woodcote  
Noways Amenartas   Ch Superb Of Wiggin   
Ch Superb Of Wiggin
Juneter Surprise  
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Am CH Plezol´s Teresa    Plezol´s Dangerous Dan´l  
Plezol´s Dangerous Dan´l
Am CH Dour Dispatch    Morningside Mecca  
Dour Distinct  
Can CH Glamour Gal    not available
not available
Plezol´s Tamara Of Toptha   Am CH Robson´s Top Twig Of Palisade    Am CH Kamel Fostoria   
Am CH Palisade´s Butcher Girl Of Wiggin   
Plezol´s Diantha   Am CH Dour Dispatch   
Can CH Glamour Gal   
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